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   3D printed filter makes radiation therapy more eff 2023.03.19

The radiotherapy department of the VUmc Cancer Center in Amsterdam is using 3D printers to make customized filters for patients undergoing radiation for tumors. These 3D printed devices are made to protect the area around superficial tumors from excess radiation during treatment.

The 3D data used to create the devices comes from CT-scans which are typically already available. Employees at the VUmc's radiotherapy department then use this 3D data to produce customized 3D printed filters.

For patients, this means 3D printing technology offers a better-fitting device and greater protection from radiation – without any extra difficulties.

No additional appointment is needed for the CT scan, and the 3D printed devices are also much more precise with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. As a result of this accuracy, doctors can use the devices with better precision. This is especially important for treating skin tumors located in vulnerable areas around the nose, eyes, and ears.
3D printing technology can also indicate bone structures in and around tumors. Recently, 3D printing technology was used to support a complex robotic surgery in which a physical 3D display of the skull and tumor was desirable.